About Leather House

Leather de Home since 2012

Founded the leather house in 2012, working during the day and working overtime at night, working part-time to find my own direction and choose my own attitude towards life

Rented a studio in 2015 and started a full-time leather life

"Leather de Home" - the origin of the name, out of 'self-made', explaining that they are made at home. Every leather product made by the early leather house was born at home, so it is called "leather house", leather is Leather, a house is a home. The English name is "Leather de Home"

The products of the leather house are designed, cut, sewn, and polished...every process is handmade, focusing on details, and is sewn with traditional double-needle hand sewing. Compared with machine sewing, the efficiency may not catch up, but I hope to give users the feeling of hand sewing The temperature and the spirit of the staff, cherish every leather product, leather products are like a second life, there will be traces after use, and changes will occur after use, retaining a kind of experience and memory, not just a simple purchase Once sold, it is not a trendy product with only appearance, but a leather product that can stand the test of time.

  • 2015. Spring

  • 2017. Summer

  • 2022. Spring