about leather

The leather used by the leather house is mainly three types of vegetable tanned cowhide, waxed cowhide and cordovan leather, and the origins are from Italy and Japan respectively.

  • Italian vegetable tanned cowhide

    Vegetable tanned cowhide is a kind of leather full of changes. Vegetable tanning is the earliest tanning method. It is tanned by extracting tannins and other ingredients from plants. The tanning method is to put the leather into different concentrations of tanning agents and soak it repeatedly Multiple times, it takes one to two months. Vegetable tanned leather does not contain harmful chemical components such as heavy metals, can directly contact the skin, and also retains the natural texture of the leather. With the passage of time, sunlight and moisture, the leather will gradually change its luster and color Gets darker and shows a distinctive use pattern that some would call 'cow raising' !

  • Italian waxed vegetable tanned cowhide

    Waxed leather is also called fog waxed leather. There is a layer of white wax on the surface of the leather to act as a protective effect. The white wax will be absorbed slowly over time, showing the original leather color and becoming more shiny. At the same time, it can also be rubbed to produce different The effect can be partial color rubbing to make the original leather color appear, or it can be the effect of twill weaving. Of course, the original leather color will also appear after use.

    Based on the different usage habits of each person, the leather will form different shades of color, as if growing with you, ever-changing.

  • Japanese Cordovan Leather

    Cordovan leather from Japan, known as the diamond in leather, can be said to be the most expensive and top-notch leather in the world. The output is low, the production time is long, after six months of tanning and processing, the inner layer of the leather is selected<Cordovan Layer> as the surface of the cordovan leather, the fibers of the Cordovan layer are tight and have a single direction, which makes the cordovan leather extremely wear-resistant and tough, and is more durable than ordinary cowhide. It is suitable for watch straps, wallets, card holders, etc. Customized use.