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Lucky Cat Leather Coaster

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Combine hemp leaves and beckoning cats on coasters

Hemp の 叶 (あさのは) 'Pray for growth and banish bad luck'
招き猫 (まねきねこ) '招福, bring good luck'

Changes in primary color. The left and right sides of the coaster are brand new and unused. After nearly 3 months of use in the middle, the edge that is often wet with water becomes darker, and the belt is slightly wound and slightly bent, presenting another three-dimensional feeling. The change of the lucky cat coaster is the same. !
The picture above is Mount Fuji style coaster

**After using the leather coaster, some parts will become darker. This is a normal phenomenon. Note that the leather will also absorb water. Depending on the way you use it, it will become unique...a coaster that belongs to you! It may change after use. light brown to dark brown
(If you don't like the phenomenon of water stains, it is recommended not to put a wet cup on it...)

Material: Italian primary color vegetable tanned leather. Cowhide (3mm thick leather)
Coaster size: 90mm diameter Cleaning method: Wipe it with a disinfectant wet tissue (without alcohol), and put it in a ventilated place to dry, remember that it is a wet tissue without alcohol

(If you want to add customized lettering, please choose the lettering type, you can engrave within 10 English letters, and the lettering position will be under the lucky cat pattern)

Production time Lucky cat style: in stock, can be sent within 3 days after placing the order
Customized lettering style: 10 days Production period Packaging: Black kraft CD paper sleeve All handmade Made in Hong Kong

Brief introduction of leather: Vegetable tanned cowhide is a kind of leather full of changes. Vegetable tanning is the earliest tanning method. It is tanned by extracting tannins and other ingredients from plants. The tanning method is to put the skin into different concentrations of tanning and soak it repeatedly for several times, which takes one to two months. Vegetable tanned leather does not contain harmful chemical components such as heavy metals, can directly contact the skin, and also retains the natural texture of the leather. With the passage of time, sunlight and moisture, the leather will gradually become shiny, the color will become darker, and unique traces of use will appear. Some would call it 'cattle raising'!

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
- This store is mainly made of vegetable tanned cowhide leather, which will gradually become dark and shiny after use
- Vegetable tanned cowhide is a natural material, uneven color, growth lines, etc. are normal phenomena
- There is a color difference between the computer screen and the finished product, and the pictures are for reference only

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